Flexible working is the perfect environment for innovating

My Other Office in Burbank - Lounge

My Other Office in Burbank - LoungeCollaborating through flexible working is known to grow businesses. Referrals and working with other businesses are one of the primary ways to increase your business’s sales and reputation. By innovating and providing helpful advice, businesses can learn from one another and help the other grow. At My Other Office in Burbank, we offer our members a spacious, open environment for innovating with others.

My Other Office In Burbank is a beautiful coworking, virtual office, executive suites, and meeting space serving Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, and Studio City. Call us at (818) 860-7500 for rates and availability.

No man is an island – no business is, either! Businesses and professionals benefit from flexible working. Through business-to-business interactions, professionals can collaborate with companies that complement their own. Helping to promote a business or partnering up with another professional can definitely help boost sales and increase both of your reputations.

Sharing ideas can help get past mental roadblocks. When running a business, it’s easy to get stuck and not know what other route to take. In collaborating with others, you have the opportunity to consider ideas from an outside source which can provide a different perspective on how to improve your business. Along with sharing ideas, businesses may also share clients as long as they both aren’t in the same field of work.

With a diverse membership, there can be a wealth of ideas from different resources. With entrepreneurs in all different fields, innovating with a diverse group of professionals can be highly beneficial. Taking ideas from different sources can help broaden your range and help you think outside the box.

There are numerous professionals to consult, talk and interact with. You can engage with other professionals and discuss ways to help strengthen your business. By providing an open environment, we encourage members to start conversations with one another. Knowing more people in the business industry can definitely benefit you in the long run and provide you many referrals and contacts.