Rent our executive suites and reduce your overhead expenses


MyOtherOffice_Burbank_ExecSuite2Work forces continue to look for ways to cut your overhead expenses. Ongoing expenses can quickly add up when running a business. Many business owners and professionals spend a large portion of their budget for a secure and private office every month. Renting a private office around Burbank can really dig into your budget but at My Other Office, we provide the ideal and affordable option for professionals looking for a place to get their work done.

My Other Office In Burbank is a beautiful coworking, virtual office, executive suites, and meeting space serving Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, and Studio City. Call us at (818) 860-7500 for rates and availability.

In today’s economy, businesses have less disposable funds. With so many different expenses, extra money may be difficult to come by for small businesses or startups. You can save money by renting out our executive suites for you and your employees/coworkers. Our spaces offer a full range of amenities and services and are accessible 24 hours a day. Our convenient location in Downtown Burbank also allows for easy transportation and local dining options.

The more members save, the more they have for essentials and emergencies. Having money saved up for emergencies is important for any business. By spending less on an office space, professionals can utilize that extra money towards other components of their business.

My Other Office’s prices are competitive. Our rent terms are very flexible and can be reserved on a monthly or annual basis. We have executive suites available and they have a special character. We acknowledge that professionals nowadays are often on the go so we strive to provide them with more flexible and affordable options.

Our amenities included with our spaces make us a MUST SEE. In addition to parking passes, we offer our members access to all of our services and amenities. These include secure WiFi, printing/copying equipment, access to our complimentary snacks and beverages as well as to our conference room and meeting space. Members who rent out our executive suites can take advantage of all these perks and more!