Executive suites with 24-hour access

Some individuals enjoy working in executive suites outside the “normal” business hour range. Whether you’re working on a startup on the side or prefer working at late hours of the day, we offer individuals their own private office space at an affordable rate. Room sizes are available for both teams as well as individuals and members have access to the executive suites whenever they need a comfortable and quiet place to work.

Members have 24-hour access in a professional furnished setting. Beautifully furnished, these rooms offer convenient seating areas and desk space for you and your team. With 24-hour access, members can work at whatever time is convenient for them. Be inspired and productive in our professionally furnished environment.

We offer our executive suite members a parking permit, secure WiFi, 5 hours free conference room, and access to our flex floor. Located directly above our coworking floor, executive suite members have access to all the services and amenities available. Ranging from WiFi, printing machines, complimentary coffee and snacks, we make our members feel right at home and provide them with services that can help them stay focused and productive on their work.

My Other Office in Burbank offers its members 1- or 2-desk furnished suites, for teams or individuals. Whether you work with others or prefer working solo, we have three suites that are perfect for any individual or team. Our largest suite accommodates 2 or 3 employees whereas our other suites are ideal for one individual.

My Other Office in Burbank offers members the opportunity to create their own schedule. We allow our clients to come and go as they please. Our doors are always open for them whenever they need a private office space to work. Renting an executive suite is very flexible and is available on a monthly or annual basis.

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