Save money with coworking

My Other Office in BurbankEmbracing coworking can save money. With an “on-the-go” mentality, professionals who work from home can benefit from coworking. Without having to pay for a private office, employers can rent out coworking space and not worry about going to the office just to make use of their lease terms. With professionals who need a change of scenery or want to network with others, a coworking space is the ideal way to stay productive.

My Other Office In Burbank is a beautiful coworking, virtual office, executive suites, and meeting space serving Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, and Studio City. Call us at (818) 860-7500 for rates and availability.

With less money spent on rent, entrepreneurs can invest more dollars in the company. Running a business involves various components, each which have their own expenses. By spending less on a workspace, professionals can spend money on improving other areas of their business. With a communal workspace, you can also interact with other professionals and network.

Members avoid traditional office expenses and more importantly use our office space as a tax write-off. Prices for a private office space in the Burbank area are very costly and can add up over time, whether you use it frequently or not. By renting a coworking space, you can come and go as you please. If you’re looking to be productive or want to collaborate with other professionals, our friendly and welcoming environment can help you feel right at home.

There is no long term complicated lease. Our packages and pricing plans vary between a full-time workspace to just a single day use. We offer packages that work for any type of professional. We can also provide custom plans if none of our package options work for you. You no longer have to worry about completing your lease term before you find a more affordable place.

Our coworking space can be used by the day, month or year. Members can use our communal coworking space as they see fit. If you only need it a few times a month or whenever you’re in town, our coworking space provides convenience, comfort, and flexibility.

Visit our coworking space in Downtown Burbank

My Other Office in Burbank, 124 E Olive Ave., Burbank, CA 91502Our coworking space in Downtown Burbank is conveniently located close to the highway, public transportation, eateries and the airport. Located in Downtown Burbank, our workspace is walking distance from many great restaurants and shops. Take a break from your work and stroll through the streets of Downtown Burbank. With public transportation options all around, you can easily get to and from your workspace easily. About 4 miles away is the Burbank Airport and less than 0.2 miles away you can find Burbank’s City Hall.

My Other Office In Burbank is a beautiful coworking, virtual office, executive suites, and meeting space serving Burbank, Glendale, North Hollywood, Toluca Lake, and Studio City. Call us at (818) 860-7500 for rates and availability.

We provide easy access for professionals on the go. Our workspace is designed to be flexible and easily accessible to our members. Rather than renting out an expensive office space, we provide professionals a workspace that’s affordable and convenient. Nowadays, professionals are often working on the go and we provide a workspace that complements their lifestyle.

We are in the heart of Downtown Burbank, perfect for client meetings. Downtown Burbank is a favorable place to meet clients as it offers great cafes for you and your clients to connect and communicate. My Other Office provides an open environment where you and your clients can hold a casual or formal meeting. We also have meeting spaces which are ideal for conferences and presentations.

Being close to restaurants and transportation gives our clients important options. Our office space is located in a lively area of Burbank which is surrounded by many of Burbank’s most recognized buildings and shops. With blocks full of great stores and restaurants, our clients can find whatever they’re looking for. Just a few streets down is also Burbank Town Center, which is a great mall full of many more options for our members and their clients.

Our clients love our convenient location. We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out where the best location would be to establish our business and Downtown Burbank seemed like the ideal area for professionals on the go. Surrounded by companies both big and small, Downtown Burbank provides accessibility and great options for our clients.

Our coworking space includes WiFi and other excellent amenities

My Other Office in BurbankWe provide many amenities, such as WiFi for members of our coworking space. Our spacious environment provides clients with everything they need to stay productive. Secure and high-speed network allows you to safely surf the web and hold videoconferences. VoIP capabilities and private call rooms help you keep in touch. Our all-in-one document center can handle your printing and copying needs. And let’s not forget the free coffee and snacks!

It’s important to have a sense of security, privacy, and have an office with everything you need. We strive to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and respected in our coworking spaces. If you have an important call to make or want a private area to have a videoconference, we provide the right amenities to make that happen. We also offer an all-in-one document center where you can get all your printing and copying needs done in one place.

When occupying a coworking space it’s nice to want for nothing. With our coworking space, you have accessibility to all amenities. Whether you’re looking for VOIP (Voice over IP) or a business address, we provide these services to our members. Don’t pay expensive fees for an office you barely use; with our mail and call forwarding services, you can always stay connected with your clients.

My Other Office just asks our members to pay for their time, we’ll take care of everything else. With complimentary coffee, tea, and snack, we focus on making sure our members feel right at home. We provide our members with everything they need and only charge them for their time in the office, no matter what amenities they use.

We have everything available in a professional setting. Our contemporary environment is best described as comfortable yet professional. We make sure all the right tools and amenities are accessible to our members and easy to use. Our clients seek a productive environment so we aim to make it as easy and convenient for them as possible.

Our coworking and meeting space is a great place to get together.

Our coworking and meeting space are customizable, comfortable, and professional places to meet clients. With comfortable and contemporary furniture, our coworking space is an ideal area for individuals or small teams looking for a communal workspace. We can organize the seating in a layout that works for you and provide your clients a professional and welcoming environment.

In addition to our normal business hours, we can accommodate after hour events booked in advance on our flex floor or “The Meeting Place on Olive.” Our meeting space provides the perfect venue for off-site events and this room can be booked by the hour or by the day. If you’re in need of a venue for an evening event, our flexible floor layout can be transformed into a space perfect for any gathering.

My Other Office in Burbank offers an attractive décor for your meeting needs. Whether you’re looking to host a mixer, an open house, or a meeting with a client, our friendly and open environment is sure to please any guest. With new, modern décor, our coworking floor creates a simple and decorative atmosphere.

Our members can use our flex floor space or meeting room for gathering, meet ups or presentations; we can facilitate catering for events. Looking for a venue for your presentation? Our conference room comfortably seats 20 individuals and includes a projector and screen, along with secure WiFi and other useful amenities. We can also arrange for catered meals to help keep your guests happy and fully attentive.

Our setting is such that meetings are inviting and provide an ambience for stimulating creativity. Our meeting space provides an open and quiet atmosphere which can help get the creative juices flowing. Gather with your team for a productive meeting, or have an engaging discussion with a new client. Whatever you decide, we’re here to help ensure that our members feel comfortable and productive.

Executive suites with 24-hour access

Some individuals enjoy working in executive suites outside the “normal” business hour range. Whether you’re working on a startup on the side or prefer working at late hours of the day, we offer individuals their own private office space at an affordable rate. Room sizes are available for both teams as well as individuals and members have access to the executive suites whenever they need a comfortable and quiet place to work.

Members have 24-hour access in a professional furnished setting. Beautifully furnished, these rooms offer convenient seating areas and desk space for you and your team. With 24-hour access, members can work at whatever time is convenient for them. Be inspired and productive in our professionally furnished environment.

We offer our executive suite members a parking permit, secure WiFi, 5 hours free conference room, and access to our flex floor. Located directly above our coworking floor, executive suite members have access to all the services and amenities available. Ranging from WiFi, printing machines, complimentary coffee and snacks, we make our members feel right at home and provide them with services that can help them stay focused and productive on their work.

My Other Office in Burbank offers its members 1- or 2-desk furnished suites, for teams or individuals. Whether you work with others or prefer working solo, we have three suites that are perfect for any individual or team. Our largest suite accommodates 2 or 3 employees whereas our other suites are ideal for one individual.

My Other Office in Burbank offers members the opportunity to create their own schedule. We allow our clients to come and go as they please. Our doors are always open for them whenever they need a private office space to work. Renting an executive suite is very flexible and is available on a monthly or annual basis.